Specialty Components

Specialty Components

Have you requirements for unusual, tailored, and special components?

Do you need to source them economically and fast?

What is special to you is a strength at USTEK. Our connections to a worldwide network of specialty manufacturers, in essences, gives you a research staff that can get your specialty components on your your dock.

The breadth of our network encompasses more components than could be listed here but include machined magnetics from the US, connectors from Italy, and inductors, network subassemblies and enclosures from China. Sources are ISO certified, and are vetted by USTEK with personal visits and a history of cooperation going back years and in some cases decades.

A somewhat expanded list include:

Chargers Fasteners Magnetics
Chokes Filters Relays
Connectors Harnesses Switches
Contacts Heat Sinks Transformers
EMI/RFI control Inductors Turrets
Enclosers LED Arrays