Why Lead-free RoHS Circuit Board Assemblies?

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive 2002/95/EC began as a European movement to decrease the deposition into the environment of known carcinogens and to enhance the recyclability of mixed-material waste. The goal was to create a new generation of electrical products that are free of substances hazardous to health and the environment. Initially all […]


Boilerplate is a good thing to have on the side of a steam locomotive but questionable in the engineering notes for a printed circuit board. There are many options available to which most of us never give a second thought.  The Gerber files contain the traces and outline but rarely the tolerances.  Some common specifications […]

Prepare for demise of Isola FR406

Important Notice from Isola: The Printed Circuit Board Industry has been transitioning to RoHS PWB’s in accordance with the 2006 European directive. Part of this transition is the use of lead free solder in the assembly operation, these solders have up to 50oC higher reflow temperatures. By the end of 2016 most RoHS exemptions will have expired […]